[M2000C] Détecteur de départ missile

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[M2000C] Détecteur de départ missile

Messagepar Soldat » ven. nov. 25, 2016 7:19 pm

The Détecteur de Départ Missile (DDM a.k.a. D2M) is an optional sensor for the Mirage 2000.

The sensors themselves are in the rear end of the Magic II launch pylons.


The Mirage 2000C (Chasseur) does not carry it although the ECM panel does have the switch to turn it on/off.

The system is installed in the Mirage 2000D, which is the two-seater attack variant.

It is mainly used to detect the IR signature of MANPADs in order to warn the pilot of a missile threat that cannot be detected by the RWR. Since MANPADs have a very limited engagement zone, it makes sense that only the attack variant carries the D2M.

I decided to include it because I know many of you like to drop bombs with the M-2000C.

Please take note that if you do not carry Magic II missiles, you won't have the D2M system.


How it works? Apart from knowing that it sounds the alarm after detecting an enemy missile launch I don't know. Like all other aircraft defense measures, the D2M is heavily classified, so no public info exists apart from some photos showing their location.

The coverage zone is my decision based on two things:
1. If I let the window to be blinded by the pylon in the rear aspect, then the blind spot behind the aircraft will be very wide. So I assumed that inside it has a prism that allows it to cover some portion of the aircraft rear towards the engine exhaust.
2. It cannot look too far ahead because it will be masked by the missile in the pylon. So I guessed that the best coverage would be 135º that allows the sensor to cover a large portion of both the rear and the side.

There is a blind spot that is exactly towards the rear, but the probability of a missile being launched at that spot is quite low and with distance the sensor fov will eventually overlap.

How the threat warning will be presented on the cockpit is a WAGUESS. I think that an aural warning along with a spike (a thin line) showing launch azimuth in the RWR would be the best.

The system is WiP and I will try to have it ready this week.

Source : https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=177756

Un joueur a demandé d'ajouter une option pour le mettre ou non sur le pylône du Magic afin de respecter la réalité. Zeus va voir ce qu'il peut faire mais il devra créer deux pylône différent selon lui.

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