[DCS polémiques] Retours clients mécontents ...

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[DCS polémiques] Retours clients mécontents ...

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Tiens un gars a pris la peine d'écrire une longue lettre ouverte à ED ... notamment à Nick Grey et Kate Machin (la nouvelle dirlo en Russie) sur la situation actuelle et la perception qu'en ont certains clients !

C'est sûr, faut avoir le temps et le courage d'aller au bout et en English en plus (dommage Polux tu t'arrêteras à la 2ème ligne... je te ferai un résumé sur TS) ... mais c'est plutôt intéressant et bien présenté (copié depuis reddit) :
Lennart aka Bonzo a écrit :
u/NSSGrey, u/dotrugirl, I'd know you are busy but it would be great to hear something from you in the current situation.

Here you go

Dear ED,

Your buisness practice has always discussed, and some community members have always been voicing disagreement. But your recent actions, community reactions and your community managers' way of answering them are culmination of a continous trend that I can only describe as disturbing. I'm really wondering where your project is going because what I see has nothing to do with the 'plain an honest' statements about 'DCS in terms of production' that we've been reading.

Incomplete releases and bad patches have been plaguing DCS for a while now and have been subject to countless discussions. Always have been, and most likely always will be. But since you released the Viper in the state you did, it seems to be getting worse. Patches were frequently rolling out with gamebreaking issues that took you months to repair. A lot of trust was burnt with attempts to move incomplete modules out of Early Acces. It actually happened with the Focke Wulf. Then there was this horrible 50-page discussion on your forums when ED intended to significantly move the goalposts on the Hornet, planing to move it out of Early Access with a lot of key features missing. Your community managers were playing scary word games, trying to convince us that feature complete actually doesn't mean feature complete and it's just a small number of users who won't get it.

After these two events all the word lawyering and twisting you did in the arguments about it, like in these discussions https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=267282 (Focke-Wulf) or https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=270829 (Hornet) I got a little sick of it and took a break from DCS. But I kept checking on DCS occasionally. And I really didn't like what I have seen. You kept rolling out buggy patches. The new warbird was released in a very incomplete state. The new map had serious problems with performance. And the patch it got released with had a number of gamebreaking issues. Your staff admitted that it didn't see any testing since you had to push it out of the door. Urgently, as it seemed.

But even though the bad news kept coming, I came back to DCS. Because let's just face it : Nothing can beat the feeling of just flying your sim. When I came back after a couple of months now, I was shocked that some bugs I had already considered gamebreaking months ago were still in place. While you told us you were all focused on bugfixing. The release schedule has been moved to a vague monthly scheme but the number of bugs that actually got fixed wasn't much larger and the releases were as riddled with bugs as usual. Despite your team telling us that proper testing would be the cause for the new schedule. And now, there's the Harrier situation.

A while ago I had called DCS community mature and forgiving. Got called out for it on hoggit, but I still stand to my word. Sure, we can be a bit of an angry mob. But when we do so, we usually got good reasons. Compared to some others, like fps communitys, this one's pretty laid-back. But right now, not so much. People are getting angry. Even more so with the latest news on the Harrier beeing moved out of Early Acces, which, considering it's buggy state, is a bold move. Again. People are losing trust, and from what I've read, many aren't willing to support this any more. Hell, there are hundrets of people on facebook who've declared boycott on you. Your company is bleeding money. I myself am, even though heavily tempted by the Syria map and that new Mi-8 campaign, reluctant to buy anything until at least some imrovemets are made that I consider essential. Like that infamous A-10 HUD.

So I think it's time we cut the sweet talking and face some facts. You can not keep going the way you do. Maybe you will be able to do so for a little longer, but you are burning a lot of trust already. And you are losing a lot of existing customers, as well as scaring potential buyers away. You have been telling us repeatedly that Early Acces is there to stay. That will only be possible if you change your way of dealing with it significantly. When you just keep pushing out new modules the way you do, without significantly growing your team with every release (which we all know u don't), it will bring you down.

Because you got more modules on the store page than programmers on the credits already. And from the years it takes to add promised features to your EA modules or to just fix some simple bugs, we can easily tell that you can't even cope with the existing modules. So keeping on increasing the scope appears more and more scetchy to a growing number of users. And it's beginning to make waves, people are talking. Just look at the comments on the latest Harrier discussions ffs, the folks shouting 'scam' are beginning to gain a majority. If you want to keep going and your intentions are honest, you have to come up with a different financing. Ik, that's easier said than done.

Let's talk about money. Nobody likes this kinda talk (idk, maybe some rich folks do), but we all have to deal with it, and all of us know how hard it can be. There are a number of red flags that I can see with your buisness lately that make me think that you aren't doing well. Which is not a disgrace in such a niche market with the global corona crisis going down while tensions between our governments are getting worse. Your company has been existing for decades now and you published some milestone titles. Some of them been there during my youth already.

Most companies that have been around back then are long gone, either swallowed by some giant or the had to close their doors long ago. You guys just keep going. And you do so despite you had to take some serious blows with the deaths of your founder, Mr. Igor Tishin and one of your most valuable sources of knowledge, Mr. Alexander Chichilanov. You dealt with all this, and found a way to still be around and offer us this great simulation, which nobody has done before on a scale that's even close. So there would be no reason to be ashamed if things are getting tough in the current pandemic situation with all the riots and tensions around. There will always be a lot for you to be proud of.

Like I said, we all know how hard it can be, but we all have to deal with it. It's difficult for a lot of people. Some have lost their job, everybody feels the effects of the current crisis in a different way. Countless folks learn what it means if you have to rely on friends and family. So most likely, many of us don't have any mony to spare. And there's zero tolerance for dishonest attempts to make things easier. Reading the latest reactions, your attempts aren't received as very honest any more. So I think it's time you take a stand. If things are bad financially, you have to come forward and admit it instead of trying to convince us that everything's fine and to hype us into the next purchase. In case I'm all wrong and you don't have any financial problems, you will probably see them soon looking at all this. And in case you are trying to scam us, which I still don't want to believe, that has failed since people are calling you out heavily.

I can only speak for myself here but I am more than willing to support an independent studio I've come to love when it is in a difficult situation. I'm not a rich man but I'd put 50 or hundret bucks a month into some croundfunding or buy an old module or two that I'll probably never fly just to support you. Hell, take my money for a jpeg of some clouds or some plane you'll start AFTER completing the existing ones. But I will not support people who I feel are lying to me or are beeing dishonest by selling me promises that they should know they can't come up with.

It is time you take a stand and start making some serious changes or people will lose the rest of their trust and abandon your products. Only if you show some true honesty and progress, people will start believing in your vision again. If you manage to make some significant improvements to your core game and existing stuff and word is spreading, you may even win back a lot of the people who turned their back on DCS over the years as well as in the last couple of months. There's a lot of them. And a product like that, with a modern engine and looks plus some gameplay improvements will draw in a larger audience. If you need support for that with money or ideas, I got your back and there's a huge community who probably feels the same or simmilar.

On I final note I'd like to inform you that your community managers' actions and comments are still inapropriate. I already dropped a post on this a few moths ago and I do feel like it was heard and changes were made, but there is still a lot of room for improvements on communications. u/BIGNEWY 's responses in the latest Harrier dumpsterfire thread speak volumes on this, as well as recent reviews. I myself have been threatened with the banhammer lately for voicing doubts on u/NineLine_ED 's answers that have repeatedly been proven to be plain horseshit in the past. Like other users did as well, as you can read in the various discussions.

Please consider this a wake up call. If your buisness practice continue down this path, I can promise you that you will not retain your reputation any longer and your company might go out of buisness the same way that other, well managed and honest companies unfortunately do these days. I'm still enthusiastic about your sim and am not willing to give up on you already so I'm hoping that we will read something from you that might reinstall some of the trust that was burnt during this difficult time.

Sincerely yours,

Lennart aka Bonzo
Je suis très curieux de lire la réponse d'ED ... si jamais ils en font une ... :rooll:

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Re: [DCS polémiques] Retours clients mécontents ...

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Et puis rien que le titre du topic je baille déjà.
Je pense qu'on a (presque) tous mieux pour employer notre temps...
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Re: [DCS polémiques] Retours clients mécontents ...

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salut :friends:
non j'suis pas mort, juste encore et toujours plein de taf ;)

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