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Suggestions pour Frontier

Message par Snax »

Yo, je me permet de poster ici la longue liste d'idées que je vais envoyer à Frontier.
Je vais maintenant faire des illustrations pour montrer comment on pourrait voir les choses.
  1. Space Traffic Control
    • I had this idea during the Hutton Orbital CG.
      As in real life, on controlled airspace, aircrafts are guided via air trafic controllears (ATC) to guide aircrafts during their approach so everybody as a clear path to landing.
      In the game it would be very interesting to haveO such this feature, especially for small outposts where a lot of NPCs are transiting.
      Here's a quick example of how I see this feature working:A
      1. Asp Explorer A requests a the docking clearanceNon-unlimited Oxygen
      2. Station TOWER grants for the docking and gives the only M sized landing pad because it's an outpost.
      3. Asp Explorer B arrives in the vicinity and also requests for a docking clearance
      4. Station TOWER inform for the occupied landing pad to Asp B and also inform Asp A that another ship (Asp B) is waiting for the landing pad
      5. A timer (i.e: 5 mins) will appear somewhere on the HUD (why not just under the oxygen timer ?) for both ships. This is the maximum time allowed for Asp A to do his business and leave.
      6. Asp A could pay a small amount of credits to ask for a bonus time (i.e: 10.000Cr for 1 min)
      7. If the timer has expired, Asp A will be automatically undocked from the station and Asp B would be able to land.
      I think this is a good idead to prevent AFK to squat the landing pad and prevent other people to "simply" leave to SOLO or PRIVATE GROUP to do their business.
      I'm a huge fan of player interaction that would give an immersion to the game. People would stay in OPEN PLAY just to see what "could" append if a ship stays after the timer has expired
  2. Complex Comms with the NPCs
    • It would be nice if we have minimal communications with bots like "Drop your cargo", "Surrender" or "Prepare to Die"
      We could be able to send these quick messages via the Comms Panel and/or the target panel (left hand panel)
      If we do this to another player, it would send those messages like "Don't be an hero, give your cargo" or "I'm gonna boil you up" or even "HahahAHhahAHahAHahHa", like the NPCs do.
      We could even be able to create our own small pre-messages to send, insteand of husing external programs to create macros.
  3. More Ingame Options
    • We have a good option menu in Elite: Dangerous but I think some others, very important to me, are missing:
      1. Curves Options for Joystick
        • In almost every other simulation game, we have the possibility to edit the curvatures of our joystick to be more precise than ever
      2. More audio options
        • It would be nice to be able to modify volumes from inside the cockpit and change the more volumes like these:
          • external sounds volume since the ship is creating the sounds, it would be logical if we can set the volume we wanna hear
          • internal sounds volume there are very small sound we can barely hear like the impact sound, the hit sound, etc, would be nice to change them independantly from the external sounds
      3. Change the type of sound
        • When the canopy is broken, the cockpit change the sound to mimic a deafen sound. It would be nice if we can change the sound on command to hear the sounds like we were wearing a fighter pilot helmet.
      4. Select the sound device
        • For more immersion, i think it should be best if we can select the sound device we wanna use ingame (ie: speakers for general sound and headset for ingame voice comms).
  4. Private Messages
    • As we can send voicecalls, we should be able to send private messages directly to an inbox, the same way some NPC during a mission contact us and send a private message.
      Somebody told me that in Elite's lore, it's possible to send private messages directly to another ship via the FSD technology.
  5. OpenPlay and PowerPlay
      1. Powerplay Discussion Board
        • An ingame forum where the members of a Faction could discuss the strategy of the game via restricted categories only accessible with enough ranks or higher. If they don't have enough powerplay rank, they simply can't access the caterogy.
          Leaders would be those who manage the war effort (like a general) and the forum categories (like a moderator) and would be nominated by other players via the forum polls.
          The Leaders would be nominated only if they were rank 5 after several consecutive weeks.
          The vote would be accessible only to those were rank 4 for several consecutives weeks.
          Such management could be a start when a Corporation (player group) will be a PowerPlay entity.
      2. Special Ships and Weapons only available to specific ranks
        • The actual way to have powerplay weapons like the Hammer for Lavigny-Duval of the Prismatic Shield for Aislind Duval is too easy, I think that to be able to buy a ship like the Federal Dropshit, Gunship, or even the new Corvette you'll need to be a member of a Federal PowerPlay with a certain rank for several consecutive weeks, and the same for an Imperial Ship.
          I also think that being able to have a have acces to a powerplay item should be more restricted than ever, it's their "superweapon" after all, not some spicy Wall-Mart where you can get what you need by just waiting 4 weeks and being rank 3 (only rank 3 ???). I would imagine that it should request to be rank 3 for at least 4 consecutive weeks, and not just being 4 weeks in the faction, that's way too easy.
      3. Defecting
        • Something that I really hate from players is that they only go to some PowerPlay Faction only for an equipment, and less for the true role play of the faction. And when they have what they needed, they leave the faction.
          If they leave, they shouldn't be able to select a PowerPlay Faction for the same time as the defect button (depending of their powerplay rank), and the adjusters shouldn't be a single Eagle but, again depending on the rank, a wing of Eagles or Anaconda.
          The name of the defecters should be shown in the PowerPlay forum in a subcaterogy. It'll shown the last known location with the ship so the adjusters could be players. And they would think twice before defecting or even leaving a powerplay faction.
      4. Separate openplay datas and private group datas and solo datas
        • I'm not against private groups players and solo players, here are 3 examples where playing in solo or private groups could be a "cheat" to screw an OpenPlay game.
        1. Community Goals
          • I understand that playing in OpenPlay is not easy for beginners when they are doing a CG. That's the whole point of a CG, "Community". The Community (aka the Federations of Pilots) needs to do the job togheter to accomplish a Comminuty Goals, where group player-based minor factions will attempt to stop us doing the CG. That it's not easy but that's how it's work. Doing the CG in solo shouldn't have a repercussion in the OpenPlay, they could have the credits for participating in the CG in other than OpenPlay but not influence the whole CG.
        2. Player Group Minor Factions
          • As for the Community Goals, it goes the same for influencing the entire galaxy itself and especially the player group-based minor factions. Here's an example:
            A group decide to attack our faction in a private group (or in solo). We cannot do anything to counter attack this. How can it be legit ?
            If they are in OpenPlay we can prevent them to attack us (and maybe not because of the instances but that's another story) and try to destroy them in return, but not if they are in Private Groups or Solo.
        3. Separate XBOX datas from Computers datas or make them play togheter
          • The computer players cannot play with console players, that's a fact. So why do we share the same datas ? The same way for Privates Groups and Solo, if now a group of console players do a RAID on a CG on XBOX and compromise something and we (computer players) can't prevent this. How can we do this as they are not visible to the computer players ?
            I don't know the reason to have seperated the console players from the computer players BUT I think we should play all togheter -> Xbox One, Mac, PC.
            To those who say "yeah on PC you have an HOTAS, you have an advantage on us who only play with the Xbox Remote Controller. It's total bullshit, first, joystick for consoles exist (Saitek and Thrustmasters have made some for consoles but I don't know if they will work for Elite: Dangerous on Xbox One, and second they are players who plays on PC WITH an Xbox Remote Controller. 3 commanders I know play with that and they are way better than I am and I'm flying with the Thrustmaster Warthog. So it's completely skill-dependant and not stuff-dependant.

            NB: There is a flight simulation game that does this, it's War Thunder, PS4 and PC play against each other or togheter so It's not a problem.
  6. Transparant display for the galaxy/system/surface map, and powerplay/galnet menu
    • As we are in station, the station menu appears a bit transparent and we can interact with that menu like this.
      Wouldn't it be nice to have the galaxy map, the system map, the surface map, the powerplay menu and the galnet menu like the Starport Services ?
      It would give such a bonus in the game immersion.
  7. Cargo Insurance
    • When we die, we have an insurance to pay to recover our ship. Why don't we have this for our cargo hold already ?
  8. Ingame WebRadio/Podcast/MP3 Player
    • I'm pretty sure everybody would love to have such a feature like this one. I see that in
      We could select the music we want to listen via the RIGHT HAND PANEL under FUNCTIONS tab. There is en ampty area where we could show display the music player there.
      When we select it, if bring a menu on top of that to select the radio, the podcast, or the music we want to listen.
      And we would organize the audio files in "C:\Users\XXX\Documents\Frontier Developments\Elite Dangerous\Player\ (with Podcasts, Music, and Radio subfolders).
      We also would be able to pause, unpause the media via our keyboard keybind (like those gaming, logitech keyboard, etc).
  9. Ingame video player
    • The same way as the MP3 player, it would be nice to have a video player.
      All files sorted in "C:\Users\XXX\Documents\Frontier Developments\Elite Dangerous\Player\ (video subfolder)"
      When we select a file to watch, it will bring a transparant player in top of us, like the station services menu and we would be able to watch the file this way, holographic style !
      We also would be able to pause, unpause the media via our keyboard keybind (like those gaming, logitech keyboard, etc).
      I imagine that it could also be used as a player for video transmission between pilots, or even for ingame missions (did you see that video with an animated Felicia Winters ?)
  10. Auto Pilots
    • Before playing Elite: Dangerous, I was playing Flight Simulators and other combat flight sims since my early days.
      In some airliner sims they have a complex auto pilot that can almost take-off, cruise from A to B between several points and can even make an approach and land on the runway (under strict rules of approachs).
      In Elite: Dangerous we already have an Auto-Docking Computer. I always asked myself why don't we have other autopilots for other tasks
      It would be available as compartiment with other available compartiments in it like Planetary Suite Hangar compartiment for Horizons does.

      I can imagine we could have:
        • An Auto Take-Off Computer (ATO Computer)
          1. Mark 1 : Can take off from the station and leave the dock
          2. Mark 2 : Can take off from the station and leave the dock and jump into Supercruise (the ACS Computer takes the relay if we have one)
        • An Auto Flight Controls Computer (ACS Computer)
          1. Mark 1 : Can travel from A and B between several stars, can navigate in Supercruise and drop from it, can make dock a request and switch with the Auto-Docking Computer then (if we have one)
        • An Auto Fire Control Computer (AFC Computer)
          1. Mark 1 : Can deploy hardpoints when "under attack", start to fire if the turret mode is on "Fire at Will", and retract them if no more enemy are in the vinicity
          2. Mark 2 : Can deploy hardpoints when "under attack", start to fire if the turret mode is on "Fire at Will", retract them if no more enemy are in the vinicity, and re-engage the FSD to the next navigation point (if we have an ACS)
        • An Auto-Docking Computer (AD Computer)
          1. Mark 1 : Can dock on the specified landing pad (if "under attack", the AD Computer will disengage and let the AFC Computer take control if we have one)
        And for obvious reasons, in order to avoid players to create "bots" that will flies the ship for us:
        1. The ACS
          1. cannot fuelscoop
          2. cannot evade interdictions (it could submit in fact)
        2. The AFC
          1. cannot select a target
          2. cannot manoeuver the ship to fire in front of it (for fixed and gimballed weapons)
          3. will not be an aimbot
        All of those computers would have "rules of engagement" when you select them via the MODULE tab in the Right Hand Panel where you can set the rules like "attack if, navigate if" etc
        I understand it's a big request, a huge amount of work would be needed but I can only dream !
  11. Ingame Search Engine
    • As for now, when we want to search for something, an item, a weapon, a ship. We search via our Internet browser.
      I think that ingame search engine would be good if we were able to search for a ship via the game (immersion bonus). The infos we hav would depend on the system we visited and cartographied, the same way we do exploration and trade.
  12. Ingame Cursor
    • As we have a mouse for the menu like the Starport Services, the Galaxy Map, the System Map, Galnet and Powerplay Menus
      It would be huge to have a cursor for the rest of the HUD. Left and Right Hand Panels. It would give a uber bonus to the immersion to the game (like in the flight simulators).
  13. Capsule Pod
    • When we die, we "magically" respawn in the last station we've docked if we had enough money to pay the rebuy cost of the ship.

      For more immersion to the game, it would be nice to add "capsules pod" to our ship. When the ship is destroyed, the capsule pod would be used and we would respawn like the actual way, with the bill for the ship (and the crew).
      If we did not have a capsule pod, everyone in the ship we would die and we would simply respawn at our very first spawn spot (in LHS 3447, Trevithick Dock for now).
      We would have lost the ship as our commander would have die.
      The RP would say that all the heritage would go to another commander, the new one we would've created via the commander's creation at the spawn.
  14. Improved Beacon
    • We have a wing beacon that can be set as "WING" for wingmates so they can drop on our position in the same instance.
      What if we were able to make a different types of beacon so anybody can join our instance, in the case we were out of fuel or need some repairs etc ? Especially when we don't have any friend to help us.
      Selectable via the BEACON line under FUNCTIONS tab -> OFF/PUBLIC/WING/DISTRESS CALL

      The Public mode could be interpreted as the several Signal Sources we sometimes find in Supercruise
  15. Call The Police
    • It would be nice to call the police when under attack, this option would prompt a select menu where we can choose what we need with an instant payment:
      1. 10.000Cr per Eagle sent, max 4 per wing
      2. 25.000Cr per Viper sent, max 2 per wing
      3. 100.000Cr per Python sent, max 2 per wing
      4. 300.000Cr per Anaconda sent, max 2 per wing
      We can call 4 ships at maximum (a regular wing)
      The police will send the requested ships in the few minutes when the payment has been sent.
      The ships will remain indefinitely untill we leave in Supercruise. The function will be available only once per instance.
  16. Pay for the Shield regenerator
    • I think that is to "easy" to just land and wait for the "magic gnerator" to recharge our shields. I think we should pay to recharge our shields as we do for the hull and the munitions.
  17. The Oxygen
    • Pay For The Oxygen
      • The same for the shield regenerator, I think that it would be very immersive IF we must pay to reload our oxygen supplies, like the munitions.
      Non-unlimited Oxygen
      • I had this idea the first day I played Elite. Where the oxygen come from ? As I understand, the Life Support module is our helmet, providing oxygen when our canopy is broken or the module "Life Support" is deactivated.
        It's also a strange functionning. We buy a module like the A class to have 25 min and it's start to work only if we deactivate the module. Not when its wokring and providing oxygen only if it's activated. It's a bit strange.
        My request here is to have a main oxygen tank for the entire ship PLUS our helmet.
        For example, we pay a module that can have 6 months of oxygen for (let's say) 2.6 millions of ingame credits, and this module would be actually called the "Life Support" module. When it fails or its empty or the canopy is broken, our helmet
        will actually provide our few minutes of oxygen to try to come back to a station to repair (or repair ourselve the canopy via the upcoming "Loot & Craft" update ?)
        And we will have an internal module specifically made for the helmet then. (E class for 5min, D for 7min30, then C class, B class, and A class for 25 mins)

        I think this feature something that will really made people think they are in a spaceship and think to be gentle with it.
        I don't know what do you think about it.
  18. Munitions for Bots
    • That is something that A LOT of commanders will like. When we fight against other commanders, when they need to leave it's because they need to reload, so it's a fight of attrition. We cannot do that against AIs because
      they have an infinite amount of munitions, do you know how risky it is to fight against an Anaconda with turreted shotguns (forgot the name). It's damn effective against shields and the hull, they have 8 of them, and they can use them
      all the time, they just need to reload and fire again, while we are emptying our munitions on the Anaconda.

      That's how ALL commanders fight, that's how we fight in real life, that's how we fight in flight simulators. I'll be very glad if we could use that kind of combat against AIs in PvE now.
  19. Hourly paychecked Missions
    • I have two ideas for that feature
      Primo, we would have mission like "Patrols" where we are needed to patrol in a certain star system and "interdict" ships under the rules of the star system, scan them and enforce the law.
      We would do this for a certain amount of time and be paid hourly for this (+ the credits gained)

      Secundo, we would have the same type of missions but for the PowerPlay, where we can imagine that 2 hours game of undermining we would be paid a dividend of our PowerPlay rank
      Here's an example: 2 hours of rank 3 would be 500.000Cr (weekly salary for being rank 3) divided by 168 (7days in hours) multiplied by the number of hours done.

      To avoid players that would just do the job by being AFK, the job would require to check some obligations like:
      • respond to automatic messages via the 4th tab of the Comms panel
      • or give the bounds for the job done via the 4th tab of the Comms panel
      A system could automatically check those obligations for us only if
      • we are active (ie: in a combat, by scanning ships, etc)
      • the number of "contrevenants arrested" has increased since the last check
  20. Improved Ship Visualizaion of 3D models in the Shipyard
    • It's a feature I think it could be very usefull.
      When you "hide" the text description of the ship, the hologram will show in big, and before buying a ship you would be able to interact with your mouse on the 3D model of the ship you want to buy.
      Several "dots" will show up such as engines, hardpoints, utility mounts, internal compartiments, etc and will show what kind of hardpoints are available and also where they are located (instead of just having a list of them).
      It could goes the same for the utility mounts and internal compartiments.
  21. Dismiss Uneeded Claims in Transactions
    • When we are "bounty hunting" it may comes with an enormours number of claims in our Transactions page, they are 2 ways to get rid of them
      1. Get the payment
      2. Get killed
      It would be cool if it was possible to cancel claims that we don't want to get with a dismiss button, like for the mission contracts.
  22. Cancel a bounty of a mis shot on a WANTED target
    • How many times do we get wanted because we shot too early on a Pirate that the game didn't say it was "wanted" YET ?
      The thing is, we know they are pirates, they are firing on the Police, the Police is firing on them, they are scanning us with a message that only pirates say, they also have a smooth pirate skin that everyone want to get.
      So, when we take the first shot on them before they are tagged as "WANTED" we are now also WANTED, for a ridiculous amount of money, MY DEATH FOR 100Cr ! And we need to wait 10min, jump to another system, and get back to the RES in order to continue our Bounty Hunting session.

      My proposition is: We attack a target before is says "wanted", because (let's say) the Cops are firing on is. We get a bounty on our head and the bounty will cancel itself IF and ONLF IF the "wanted " is destroyed.
      It could be described as a good deed, because fuck this.
      I don't understand why we should wait the confirmation of a invisible entity to let us fire to not have a bounty on our head. Obviously it's just a game mechanic because if the cops shot on them, it's only because it's a wanted target. And must overall "Betty" (the voice of our ship) knows things before it shown on the HUD like when the target's shiels are down for instance.
  23. Logged Flight hours
    • In the 2.01 update for Elite: Dangerous - Horizons I saw that we have a nice feature. Now we can see how long we have been playing Elite: Dangerous.
      Is it possible to change its format into flight hours and now Weeks, Days, Hours, and minutes ?
      It's more comprehensive when somebody tells you "I have 1200 hours logged" instead of "I have 7 weeks 2 days 11 hours and 50 minutes" haha.
  24. Ingame Twitch Chat
    • I know that is a strange request but a lot of CMDRs are streamers and enjoy streaming Elite.
      I've seen that feature in another game called Firefall and in that game you are able to chat with your audiance via /twitch channel via the ingame chat, after you have successfully connected the Twitch account to the game.
      The text would be shown in purple as it's Twitch main colour.
  25. Online Status
    • I thought of this when I was AFK for a long time and someone sent me multiple messages and thought I didn't want to respond and wanted to unfriend me.
      To avoid quiproqui like this it would be great if we could define an online status, first defined in the launcher first and ingame after that.
      Here are the available status I imagine:
      • Online normal status, selected by default
      • Busy if set, it would appear aft our name (ie: CMDR XXX [PRIVATE GROUP/BUSY]
      • Away From Keyboard if set, it would appear aft our name (ie: CMDR XXX [SOLOPLAY/AFK]
      • Invisible if set, the player would appear as offline but can still be seen by other players and chat with him in direct if seen in LOCAL
  26. Ingame Commands
    • And for my last idea.
      This is a feature that would be a great addition to the game.
      As for now, we have:
      • /to or /direct to speak directly to a commander in the vinicity or from the friendlist
      • /local to speak to the LOCAL channel
      • /wing to speak to the WING channel
      • /voice to speak to the VOICE comms group
      It would be neat to have more commands such like these:
      • /invite invite a commander to our wing
      • /join to join a wing when you have a wing request
      • /leave to leave a wing group
      • /accept to accept a phonecall
      • /deny to deny a phonecall
      • /pm to sned a private message directly to an inbox's commander when he's offline, not a private chat between two commanders
      • /w another command to directly speak to another commander, like a whisper
      • /twitch to speak in a specified Twitch channel
      • /afk set in the friendlist status "Away From Keyboard", if you do an action ingame or if /afk is written again, the status will be removed
      • /busy set in the friendlist status "Busy", if written again, the status will be removed
      • /invisible set you as "offline" in the friendlist, but you still play and other commanders can see you and chat with you if they see you, a bit like the Invisible status from Skype
All these features are intended to be more attractive to the players
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Re: Suggestions pour Frontier

Message par Natal »

Très bonne liste d'idée !
Je vais réfléchir à ce que je pourrais ajouter.

Par contre, il y a quelques petites fautes d'anglais. Si ça ne te dérange pas, ce serait peut-être une bonne idée qu'avant d'envoyer le fichier, tu me fasses signe et que je fasse une relecture.

Mes idées personnelles (à débattre !)

- Better way to track a player. Bounty Hunting players is irrelevant nowadays because we don't know where the player is located in real life, which brings a problem : Timezones. We can be running after a player that never plays when we actually log in.

So, here are the additions that could be nice and practical:

- Indicate the player's timezone.
- Indicate the day and hour of last docked in the station
- Indicate last time online
(Of course, only if the player has been detected by Defense Forces or such)

* Better wing system
Four players is not enough at all.

- Add the ability to create multiple wings. Like this :
Player A, commander, creates a Commanding Wing, with wing leaders in it.
Player B C and D have wings of 4.
Player A can see everyone on the radar as BLUE.
Player A can broadcast informations to all wings.

Player A would, thus, have to organize the fight rather than take part in it. He would be the eyes of the wings.

-Maybe we could setup in wing options different colours. Like, wing 1 = Blue, Wing 2 = Orange, Wing 3 = Pink
So whenever you become wing commander, you see your whole fleet on the radar properly and can visualize what's happening.

Basically, a Data Link system like in modern jets.

Further !
- Add a small system of information broadcast. Wing Commander would have access to "strategic beacons", that could be dropped like mines. They would appear on the radar as symbols such as a "target symbol", or a "shield", which would appear on the fleet's radar and would translate as "Attack this target", "Defend this ally".
The fact that this is a dropped beacon would give the opportunity to ennemies to attack and disrupt communications.
Allies would have to get situational awareness to know what ship was designated by the fix mine.

That's it so far.

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Re: Suggestions pour Frontier

Message par Snax »

Ouais tout à fait, c'est pour ça que je l'ai posté ici, pour en discuter et surtout remanier les textes. J'ai tapé ça en étant à chaque fois crevé, il manque des phrases pas finies en plus xDD
On rajoutera également vos idées et les mettres en forme et tenter d'illustrer le tout à coup de screenshots modifiés pour leur mâcher le travail et leur montrer que ce sont pas des idées en l'air !