Le topic des liens à la con (reborn)

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Re: Le topic des liens à la con (reborn)

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Pauvre drone :D

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Re: Le topic des liens à la con (reborn)

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Héhé made in switzerland :crazy:

Multiple poursuite radar et optique TV/Laser/IR complété par des lanceurs de missiles.

The Skyguard III features two high-performance 35mm anti-aircraft cannon GDF 007 for short-range engagements and two guided missile launchers, giving the system greater reach. The 35mm anti-aircraft twin-gun is the weapon which is used for short range air defense against fighters, bombers and helicopters. It can also be used against unmanned aerial targets as drones, cruise missiles, dispensers, guided missiles and guided bombs. The 35mm Oerlikon twin-gun is controlled by a Fire Control Unit (FCU), but it can also be operated by a gunner in the autonomous mode. The normal burst-either from two 35 mm GDF 005 twin guns or two 35/1000 guns-consists of 25 rounds and is fired within about 0.7s. These 25 rounds contain more than 3,800 sub-projectiles.

Missiles and Ammunitions
The 35 mm Ahead system from Oerlikon Contraves is the only gun-based low-level air defence system, thoroughly tested, successfully demonstrated and readily available for defeating these threats effectively. A short burst of Ahead rounds produces a continuous saturation in the expected target position with a cloud of lethal sub-projectiles. The protection levels of today's and future targets can be penetrated by the heavy metal, spin stabilized sub-projectiles. The 35mm AHEAD (Advanced Hit Efficiency and Destruction) ammunition is designed specifically for small, very low and fast-flying targets such as drones, dispensers and missiles, and it can be used by all 35 mm guns retrofitted with the muzzle-velocity gauge and an electronic processing unit. As a comparison, a burst of HEI ammunition contains some 50-60 rounds, but the kill probability against small targets is much lower. Thus, despite its higher costs, the AHEAD round is much more cost-effective than HEI. The AHEAD round ejects a lethal shower of 152 spin-stabilized sub-projectiles, with a mass of 3.3 g each, in a cone with a io° opening angle released by each round just "ahead" of the approaching target, at a position determined by a programmable, electronic, time fuze in the base of the projectile.
The Skyguard III 35mm cannon can be coupled with the ASRAD (Advanced Short Range Air Defence System) missile.

Fire Control Unit
The Skyguard III is a multi-role air defence command and fire control system. The existing high fire control performance in the classical low level air defence is extended to counter, in addition the whole missile threat spectrum. The systems's sensor unit of the Skyguard III Fire Control Unit is highly ECM resistant, while the target detection alarm and threat evaluation is followed by automatic handover to the tracking sensors. The multi-sensor tracking unit is a combined radar plus TV/laser/IR module with high sensor dynamics for interference-free precision tracking. The Skyguard III Fire Control Unit (FCU) provides protection of high valued objects in a standalone or networked configuration. Skyguard III controls anti-aircraft guns and missile launchers against manned aircraft such as fighters, bombers and helicopters and against unmanned aerial targets, in articular fast, small missiles in a steep diving attack.

Combat use
The Ahead-system is designed to fit 35mm twin gun/Skyguard air defence systems which are in use in rather large quantities in many countries worldwide. Modifications of fielded 35mm twin gun/Skyguard fire units, for up grading them to include the Ahead anti-missile capability, depending on their standard of build, may be done in the customer country. The fielded 35mm twin gun/Skyguard fire units must be modernized to cope with the new specific characteristics of 21st century air threats. This 35mm twin gun/ Skyguard III modernization program also includes all necessary fire control functions for Ahead engagement against small, fast and steep attacking missile targets in respect to elevation coverage, detection range and ECCM. The 35mm twin gun/Skyguard III fire units in a tactical deployment can be integrated into a C4I system and/or networked together to form a network. For such a network up to three Skyguard III fire units can be located at separation distances of up to 3 km. By means of a fast exchange of search and track data, a common air situation is built up and instantaneously shared among all the netted fire units. The evalutation of the common air situation enables an optimized battle management of the available trackers and weapons and provides an overall protection shield. The data transfer is based on near real-time data exchange.

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Re: Le topic des liens à la con (reborn)

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"On n'est pas assez nombreux pour faire tout et n'importe quoi!" Hotstick, Lan janvier 2015
Mais si on était plus...