BMS 4.33 Idle cutoff

Version 4.33 / Thêatres/ Hotas / Helios
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BMS 4.33 Idle cutoff

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L'un d'entre vous a essayé ceci ?

To enable the Idle Cutoff functionality, first make sure the “Idle Cutoff” box is CHECKED in the Falcon BMS Configuration “Settings Hardware” area.
This will enable the OFF-Idle throttle position code in BMS and render the ‘Idle Detent’ code non-functional (i.e. alt-i no longer works).
Enter the sim Setup Controllers page and pull the throttle all the way back (but NOT up and on to the idle detents) and RIGHT CLICK on the SET AB button.
This will set the idle cutoff point and the Red Line will appear near, but above, the bottom of the indicator. You can check if things are working to plan by now moving the throttles up and on to the idle detents and you should see the throttle position indicators move below the Red Line.

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Re: BMS 4.33 Idle cutoff

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je connaissais pas mais c’est à tester
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